Creative/btl in China


A lot of our packaging production is based on our cooperation with factories operating in China. Our office located in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou, guarantees smooth and efficient operation, as well as constant, direct production supervision. Our Chinese partner factories have completed many of our works, which can be viewed here. We are very detail-oriented and our commitment and experience allows us to offer such solutions to clients from European markets with no hesitation.


You get what you ordered


The factories that work for us on a regular basis, have successfully completed many of our projects. Examples can be found in the printing/packaging section. Out of a large number of contractors we have selected several manufacturers, whose commitment and experience allows us to offer this kind of service to global markets without hesitation.

Is it worth it?

Contrary to popular views, according to which production in China is possible and profitable only at large quantities, modern technologies enable smaller projects to be executed, as well, with keeping the attractive conditions. 

Transaction safety guaranteed


All transactions are settled by bank transfers, based on invoices and relevant documents. Typically, the production process begins after down-payment based on a pro forma invoice, amounting to 30% of the production budget, and the remaining 70% is settled upon submission of shipment documents (in case of sea freight it is the bill of lading and packing list), confirming the loading of the goods on the vessel. For your safety and convenience, we can handle all the import formalities for you – in that case the transaction is based on invoices issued by our Polish company, which makes it no different from dozens of domestic transactions you settle each day.

Communication and supervision


We have eliminated any potential communication barriers by hiring qualified Chinese staff. The regular presence of our employees also guarantees the proper supervision of the production processes. And still, our representative from Poland stays in Guangzhou for at least a week each month, to ensure the whole operation runs smoothly and meets the clients' quality expectations. It also facilitates the ongoing transfer and verification of samples, models, materials, etc.

Transport & logistcs

We work closely with agencies that take care of logistics and customs procedures on both the Chinese and Polish side. Our experience allows us to handle formalities smoothly, as well as to optimize costs.

Manufacturer – not an agent!

The prices we offer are producer's prices – our fees are settled based on relevant agreements concluded with the factories and don't additionally affect your production budget.

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