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From single sheets to industrial quantities. 


We offer offset and digital printing: on paper, cardboard, self-adhesive and laminated materials, but in addition to standard printing we also work with plastics (PVC, HIPS, PMMA). 


Small jobs on large machines. 


For small quantities (e.g. digital productions) we offer a full range of finishing and bookbinding at the quality level of large offset productions. 


Cardboard, wood, leather, metal and plastics. Sometimes even all of it, together. 


We make packaging for multiple purposes, in various technologies: from simple, folded cardboard boxes to advanced, complex premium packaging using a wide range of materials and finishing techniques.




Each of our gadget productions is approached individually. We want to ensure that our gadgets promote the institution or brand they represent in a creative and practical way.



We mainly produce in China. Our advantage over popular gadgets available in various stocks is that every single production of ours is executed under constant, direct guidance and supervision of our Chinese branch operating in Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou. This guarantees not only high quality, but also full repeatability in case of resumption of previous production. 



Thanks to favourable economic conditions and the huge scale of operation characterising most of the Chinese factories, we can offer prices that, together with constant, direct production supervision, create a proposal that is hard to compete with.


Contact us!



Warsaw, POLAND:

Eliza Barth-Wilczyńska

+48 668 303 632

Guangzhou, CHINA:

Lilly Wen

+86 139 2506 0102

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